How we hire

If you’re looking for a place that values your passion, desire to learn, and eager to take on fresh challenges, then you’re a future TMGers.



Our compatibility is vital – you must be just as good of a fit for us as we are for you. Explore our company and team sites, view our You Tube channel and our locations. Immerse yourself in our stories and see how deeply we care about our TMGers. With this newfound knowledge, you’ll gain a better sense of who we are, and which team and role align perfectly with your aspirations and where you want to go. Let’s embark on this incredible journey together!


Your Resume

This is your opportunity to present yourself and tell us why we should select you.

There are some areas you need to take a good care of:

  • State clearly your skills and experience that match with the job.
  • Showcase your achievements
  • If you’ve had a leadership role, tell us about it.
  • How big was the team? What was the scope of your work?
  • If you’re a recent university graduate or have limited work experience, include school-related projects or coursework that demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Check spelling, grammar, ease of use and clearly present ideas



Leverage our user-friendly career search tool to explore and apply for your desired position conveniently online. If you don’t find any current openings that align with your aspirations, don’t worry! stay closely connected with our company for upcoming job opportunities that may be a perfect match for you. Let’s keep the possibilities open and take your career to new heights together!



Once our dedicated Recruiting team identifies you as a potential match for the job you’ve applied for, you will be invited to embark on our comprehensive hiring process. Your journey towards an exciting career opportunity with us begins!

This can be via phone, Skype or meeting in person with HR person. During this 30-minute session, be ready to tackle behavioral questions that are closely tied to the specific requirements of the role you’re pursuing. It’s your chance to shine and showcase your skills and suitability for the position.

As part of our selection process, for roles that demand specific technical skills or knowledge, there will be a technical assessment. Typically, these assessments are conducted after the fit interview, giving us a comprehensive understanding of your potential and suitability for the position. We may also apply the IQ Test for some of the positions.

During the interview process, you will have the opportunity to meet your potential manager, typically lasting about 30 to 45 minutes. This session serves as a chance for you to gain deeper insights into the role, while also allowing us to learn more about you.

We’re keen to understand various aspects:

  • Your passion for the job
  • Relevance of your role – related knowledge
  • Your general abilities
  • Fit with the team
  • Leadership qualities

Feel free to seek clarification from your interviewers and ask questions related to the work, team dynamics, or the company culture. It’s essential for you to make an informed decision about whether this job aligns with your goals.

Following the interviews, independent hiring committees at different levels thoroughly review your candidate packet. This includes your interview feedback, scores, resume, references, and any work samples you submitted. These committees ensure that we select the most suitable candidate for the position, ensuring that we make the best decision for both the company and the candidate.


Decision and Offer

Congratulations! If you emerge as the top candidate for the job, we will reach out to you via phone or email with a formal job offer. Once you accept this exciting opportunity, our dedicated People team will guide you through essential administrative matters, making sure everything is set in motion for your first day on the job. We can’t wait to welcome you to the team!


Visit our Inspiring Careers page to filter opportunities by keyword, country or region, location and expertise.

We look for people who are passionate about our culture of Health, Kindness and Growth. The successful candidate would value and contribute to our MOT philosophy. MOT represents Meaningful & Magical, Own It and Together We're Better. Learn more at our People TMG ( page.

Search through Inspiring Careers and find the Inspiring Career role that matches your skills and experience, then click 'Apply'. You'll need to submit a copy of your resume and can apply conveniently from your phone or computer.

As soon as your details are registered, you will receive an online acknowledgment.

Once you apply online, the recruiter will review your application. If you are a good match for the job you’ve applied for, you will be contacted via email or phone. Please make sure the email address and mobile number you provide are accurate and the ones you access regularly.

We post jobs as soon as they're available. Visit Inspiring Careers page regularly to see our new opportunities.

Although it may differ from role to role, the process is likely to include the stages we explain at How we hire. Visit the page to learn about the process.

Yes. There are many opportunities available in the organization and you can explore roles in line with your career aspirations. We have offices in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, UK, Spain, Portugal, where you can gain an incredibly broad spectrum of experiences and outlooks, learning from exceptional people in a wide range of professions.

Happy Associates

4.8 / 5 rating

It has been 20 years since I started my job at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel. It is not only a workplace but also my second family to me as well. I have so many kind associates and a great work environment that provides me with more room to grow. I started working here as a waitress and now I have a chance to be Senior Reservation Manager. I love working here and hope to have more chances to dedicate myself to Victoria Chau Doc Hotel.

Phan Thi Truc Ly

Senior Reservation Manager

My love of travel really came after I graduated from university. From the snowy hills of Canada to Australia’s sweltering outback, four years of exploring and learning stirred my passion for travel.

A move to UK Country Manager for Vivu Journeys is a dream come true and I feel very lucky to be able to combine my passions for travel, people and cultures to showcase my home country.

Lee Ballard

Country Manager, UK

The reason why I can work here for a long time is that the working environment is very cosy and professional. Especially my colleagues, my ex and current manager are very friendly and kind. They make me feel comfortable.

There are also many long-term staff like me at Flower Garden Hotel. When TMG started acquiring Flower Garden in 2019, I have learnt a lot of knowledge about Hospitality Management. I have wonderful new colleagues from TMG. I am happy to work at Flower Garden Hotel and TMG.

Do Xuan Mai

Sales & Reservation Manager

I have been at Victoria Xiengthong Palace for five years. I started as a receptionist, now I am promoted to FO supervisor. During my time here, I have learned and grown with TMG a lot. I had a chance to join TMG’s 28th Anniversary and was able to meet other colleagues and share experiences such as working, culture, communication, and running. It’s always been my pleasure to be a member of the TMG family.

Thonglom Keomanyvun

Front Office Supervisor