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Vivu Journeys is a dynamic, leading destination management company operating in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and now Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. “Vivu” in Vietnamese connotes free, unencumbered movement and exploration, which is also the spirit embraced by travelers today.

With over 27 years of experience, Vivu Journeys is ready for a new movement in travel and tourism in Asia, promising to take international travelers on new experiences, going a step further than other destination management companies. The Vivu Journeys difference can be seen through how we Connect, Control, and Create. Vivu Journeys creates a connection between guests and destinations. Our philosophy is to build assets and create unique products at each destination. Vivu Journeys is proud to own many brands and travel businesses in Asia, allowing Vivu Journeys to fully manage the standard and quality of the products and services provided while making a real difference in the customer experience.

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